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Issue 7/2020

On the occasion of the 90th birthday of Magnum photographer Micha Bar-Am, we are happy to present a selection of images from the rich body of work by the State of Israel’s most important chronicler. In addition, you will see Sven Zellner’s black and white reportage following the daily life of six siblings in the rough Denjiin Myanga settlement on the outskirts of Ulaanbataar, the capital of Mongolia, and Litósfera, a surreal-looking series by Alexandre Chamelat.

Also in this issue: touching animal portraits by Mikhail Kirakosyan taken at the Moscow Zoo, and Peter Bialobrzeski’s final graduation project about England after Margaret Thatcher, being published now for the first time.

In the technical segment you will learn more about the Leica M10-R, as well as Leica’s collaborations with Huawei, Insta360, and Master & Dynamic.

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I tried to capture the moments when an animal looked like a human.
Mikhail Kirakosyan

Using a Leica S007, Kirakosyan captured the animals at the Moscow Zoo in situations where their feelings are revealed: anger, indifference, serenity, aggressivity, happiness. His black and white series is an illustration of the Darwinian theory, that the expression of emotions in animals has a lot in common with those in human beings.


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